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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Marks Techno Blog

While I have been a fan of the PocketPC for a number of years I am starting to wane a bit on my enthusiasm for HP. My first one was a Journada 240 series and it was a tank. Lasted for years, only thing that finally killed it was the battery. The charger also appeared to give up the ghost about 4 months after finally replacing the battery. My son also used one (and he is rough on his). When time came to replace them I naturally went back to HP.

I ended up with an iPaq 2215 and we later replaced John's with an rx3115. Mine at least came with a 1 year warranty, his was a mere 3 months. About 7 months into using mine the little rubber strips on the side were falling off and a call to HP gets me a new set shipped out. Sadly, 4 months later they are back to falling off again.

His is even worse, a week or so out of warranty and the touch screen is acting up (alignment so far off as to fail). Fortunately we did get an extended warranty through a 3rd party and can get it repaced, but a quick google shows that problems with the HP units have proliferated with screen issues being the largest category. This probably explains the 3 month warranty.

I still prefer the wider range of flexibility the PocketPC offers, but I am going to be shopping other brands.