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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Exclusive pics of TiVo Download - Engadget -

Exclusive pics of TiVo Download - Engadget -

Perhaps Tivo is starting to get their legs under them. While this initially isn't earth-shattering, it does offer the potential for a lot of fun stuff.

I just got around to moving all of the computers off of depending on wireless back to hardwired yesterday. I still have wireless covereage (for the patop and handheld devices, mostly) it is just that the desktop machines are all back to hardwired courtesy of hurrcane Charely allowing me to rewire my house.

As a part of this I finally put the two Tivo units on the network and installed the Tivo Dektop software to play with.


This is cool stuff. Being able to move videos around (Tivo to Tivo o Tivo to computer, even Tivo to computer to handheld) along with the many other features is just nifty.