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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Schneier on Security: New Directions in Malware

Schneier on Security: New Directions in Malware

The article that Bruce is linking to is worth a read.

It seems funny that the malware writers used such crappy encryption, what SCARES me is that I could have (hopefully didn't) contributed. Hows that? By making cross platform entryption code available for download to programmers. Naturally it never crossed my mind that another coder might be using this for ill, but thankfully the stuff I now have posted has NOT been updated recently enough to make a difference. This is important because I was just about ready to release new versions that would have included some of the most cutting edge encryption stuff. Glad I didn't.

Note the downside to this--real, honest programmers will not have an open avenue to access work done by another. Sorry mates, only the ones I trust will get that kind of code from now on.