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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Mini-Moo Blues

So I admit, I am a slave to getting a cup (or 4) of coffee first thing in the AM when I am working. We have (my employer) a service that stocks all of the stuff, yet since we (my employer) goes on the cheap side to save a few bucks, the stuff they actually stock is more like a handfull of dirt and grass than coffee grounds. So a few of use have our own carafe and buy our own coffee to brew.
I noticed this morning another discouraging sign, the mini-moos have become micro-moos. For those not familiar, a Mini-Moo I refer you to Who is Mini-Moo> Normally I would have guessed that they hold oh maybe a 1/2 ounce of creamer each. Today when I grabbed a handfull to restock, I noticed they seemed really, really light. So I hold them up to the light and 'lo!' they are lighter becuase they have about 1/2 of the creamer content they used to.
Does this actually accomplish anything other than selling less product for the same money? Color me doubtful... Dump TWO in and carry on.