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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

EDonkey still brays despite being "shut down"

EDOnkey Still braying

"On receiving the CD, I discovered it was not actually a CD, as it was one of these god-awful copy-protected abortions which don't play in my computer (without installing some proprietary software) and hence don't play on my hifi, can't be downloaded to my MP3 player, and don't play in my car. So that's useful then."

Much the same reason I gave up on buying CDs and I quite a few... Not that I get my music from P2P (I don't) but I support those artists now who use alternatives. Bseides, I have more than enough older music to listen to on CDs that weren't crippled.

Get with the game plan and wake up to the new model. There is still money to be made, but not as much in the older, clunky, busted models of distribution.