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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Microsoft gives hardware wonks a Vista break

Microsoft gives hardware wonks a Vista break: "The spokesVole said that Vista was 'more flexible' and that re-activations caused by minor changes to a PC are likely to be less common.

The reason for this, apparently, is that Microsoft's Vista uses an 'undisclosed algorithm' to track changes before deciding that the operating system is sitting in a different computer.

Ars T seems to think that while Vole is sitting on a one re-activation per machine policy, there is some truth to rumours that it has a safety net in place if too many punters go incandescent and get 'up in arms'.

So details will stay 'secret' and only known to a select handful, much in the same way as happened in the case of Windows XP."

SO who are we to believe? I think that what is coming out of Redmond at the moment, via official channels and otherwise, is a steaming load. Even if is is disinformation it has certainly put a number of folks off of upgrading, myself included.