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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MMR: Xbox 360 Revs Up, Thanks to Gears of War | TwitchGuru

MMR: Xbox 360 Revs Up, Thanks to Gears of War | TwitchGuru: "Even my colleague Aaron McKenna, who has long been skeptical of Microsoft's gaming efforts, recently admitted that the software behemoth is starting to win him over.

How is Microsoft making its charge? It starts with the software. A console can have all the hardware upgrades and fancy bells and whistleit wants, but unless there are some killer apps to play on the platform, it will die a slow death."

Indeed, and we are finally now starting to see games like Gears Of War that really make you want/need an HD console. They look and play THAT good. This is a great game, no mistake and Bungie is hopefully taking very good notes so that Halo 3 can be at least as good by Novenmber.

Meanwhile, I'll go back to playing GoW on hardcore mode and wishing I was good enough to tempt Insane mode :)