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Friday, January 19, 2007

Satellite City Inc - Authorized dealer for DISH Network Systems

Satellite City Inc - Authorized dealer for DISH Network Systems

A digression from our normal 'list-o-links and pithy remarks. I seldom do real commentary, but I do throw in some stories from life every now and again.

This one needs some background so we'll start back many years ago when we lived in the wilderness of Cleremont (OK, it SEEMED like a wilderness when we first moved there). We had finally after 7-8 years of OTA TV decided to go with Dish, we did and Lo' we were happy. Then about 4 years ago we moved to near Moss Park in Orange county. This was then (and sort-of still is) wilderness. No city utilities and only a local (one subdivision--I mean LOCAL) cable provider. Tired to use the DishMover program only to discover that too many trees stood between me and the sky, many of them not ours to dispose of. So crappy cable, here we come!

Then Charlie came along (the hurricane) as well as some folks to develop adjacent lots. SO bingo, a year or so after Charlie we had a clear shot at the sky. The nice folks as Satellite City came out and installed an HD Dish setup for us. However, while previously with Dish we had used their PVR, once we lost Dish we switched to Tivo so we stuck with the Tivo. Now recently that 4 year old Tivo is shows signs of illness and rather than shuck out 200 bucks for a new one (at standard TV resolution or 600 bucks for an HD One that WILL NOT WORK WITH SATELLITE) I opted to upgrade the main receiver to a Dish PVR unit. I'll just phase out the older Tivo unit. Will I miss some of the Tivo only features? Sure, but not as much as I'll enjoy having everything HD. I wish Dish and Tivo would settle their squabble and get back to making some decent hardware for the consumer.