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Thursday, April 26, 2007

America's best jobs in the hottest markets | 1 | Business 2.0

America's best jobs in the hottest markets | 1 | Business 2.0: "Most of the hiring will still come from the region's tourism backbone. But Orlando will also post higher growth in professional-services jobs--everything from office managers to advertising account executives--than any other city on our list. The high-wage, white-collar category is projected to balloon by about 15 percent. The reason: Orlando's population is expected to expand by 150,000 by decade's end."

Orlando has been pushing for over a decade to shift away from a near total service based economy (there was military and some NASA as well). It appears to be working as a strategy. While the service industry will always employ more people in terms of sheer numbers, if the trend continues the disparity in salary between technology and service industries may well shift the tech sector to become the bigger tax base.