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Monday, June 11, 2007

Sand in the Gears - Archives

Sand in the Gears - Archives: "The nice thing about being a father of boys is that I can relive the best parts of boyhood, or maybe enjoy them for the first time. My sons give me new eyes with which to see things. This is what the man who was healed said, isn't it — I was blind, but now I see. Our children can heal us, I think, if we will but see the world as they see it. We can only afford to do so for a few moments at a time, or perhaps that is simply what we tell ourselves, but those moments are like salve on a wounded soul, at least for me."

Don't all parents do this.... live vicariously throught their kids (or re-live). I can't imagine that it doesn't happen to us all to some extent. It is a wonderful part of living.