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Monday, August 06, 2007

Single core still rules the gaming world

Single core still rules the gaming world: "Overall, very interesting results, that only speaks of reality of gamers out there. There is big number of users that own mainstream hardware with above-standard Internet connection, and it remains to be seen what publisher on Steam will be the cause to grow the adoption of DirectX 10 API. For now, DX9 is in charge"

Is this really a surprise? For the crowd that Steam caters to, I'd expect them to be hardcore gamers (or wannabes). The broadband part is a 'duh' for online gamers and the hardware no great shock. Most main stream games are still not showing impressive differences with multi-core systems as yet, so the urge to upgrade them is simply not there. Given the ugly performance Vista has show (so far) on games, DX10 not being a big factor also comes as no surprise.

In time all of this will change, Vista will fix the game performance problems and games will start to leverage multi-core heavily. It just hasn't happened yet.