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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

VMware Workstation 6 leads us a merry dance

VMware Workstation 6 leads us a merry dance: "In Short Whatever your use for VMware Workstation 6, whether development, disaster recovery or IT literacy - version 6 is useful. Just don't expect every facet of Vista being supported if you go down that route.

The Good: Vista support, USB 2.0, Physical to Virtual

The Bad: No support for FireWire & e-SATA

The Ugly: Lack of support for any DirectX over 8"

I use this all the time at work (upgraded from v5) on multicore systems for testing and I am very happy with this new release. Granted, we don't use much in the way of graphics horsepower, but the other new features make it a straight-up win.