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Monday, June 19, 2017

I was having a discussion around job interviews and questions and that entire process.

I said that I worry less about what they are asking me than what their answer are to my questions. I have seen some resoundingly stupid interviews -- don't get me wrong. Things that would scare away even a soundly qualified applicant. What that does is it tells me a lot about their culture and rather a lot about what to expect working there.

I have gotten a few flabbergasted responses when they would follow-up and I inform them that the failed the interview.

I even had a couple that low-balled me on offers, one even took long enough that I was already working a different job by the time they came back.  I had to tell them my minimum had changed... that same sort of WTH? response followed by "I am not even sure we DO counter-offers" :) Well, you got my number (turns out in that case, they did).