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Monday, August 08, 2005

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Media no more

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Media no more

Always entertaining, Jeff Jarvis has some interesting insights into the "new" (new) media. By and large I agree with his thesis and would only add that fiction must find new outlets as well. I find myself more and more often looking specifically for electronic versions of texts. Those who are getting my money are the ones providing that outlet. The good news is that more publishers now do, but the bad news is actually finding the titles.

Sometimes you can go to Amazon, but if that fails it can be a bit of a snipe hunt ( is not bad). Googling for the ISBN can help (a bit) also. I think that e-texts still have to find their pricing sweet spot. I have paid as much for an eBook as a print version, but I don't feel comfortable at that price--feels a bit like highway robbery actually. Face it, the traditional costs of the publishing are far less in that format (PAPER...) so the actual costs to deliver should be less as well.