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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dan Gillmor's blog | Bayosphere

Dan Gillmor's blog | Bayosphere: "American technology executives often complain about the inadequacies of public education, and rightly.

They worry especially loudly about the lack of higher standards and attainment in the all-critical areas of maths and science.

There is self-interest involved, of course. If any industry needs a qualified workforce in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, it is theirs.

Yet they are all but silent on a threat to the science curriculum in particular, and to the scientific method in a more general sense."

While I will try to follow the general wardroom rule and abstain from talking about "women, politics or religion"... there are parts of this article (like the quoted bit) which dovetail nicely with my earlier thread on outsourcing. The ultimate statement that "Powerful people should be defending science. Why are so many so silent?" is clear and most assuredly, true whether or not you belive the arguments used to support it. We are letting our lead in teh sciences and egineering slide away, what will be end up with? A workforce of only laborers and artisans?