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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Axim Handhelds

Axim Handhelds

Going against the grain here, again, with actual blog type stuff :)

So I have been using an Axim x50 for the Summer after replacing the IPaq (see earlier saga on HP ICrap). It came with Windows Pocket PC 2003 installed. a couple of days ago I get a package from Dell (unsolicited) that contained an upgrade kit for the Zxim with ActiveSync 4.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 (which presumably is newer than 2003-- WHO thinks these versions up?)

So I followed all the instructions, did a backup of the data and proceeded to do the upgrade. The actual upgrade was a 4 part operation (with hard resets in between):
1) install a new boot loader for the Axim
2) copy over the rom update
3) install update
4) format flash ROM

The first step went pretty quick (advertised at a minute, actually about 5). The second step was supposed to take 15 took, all day. Using USB 2.0. In the cradle. Ugh. The actual flashing took about 7 mintes and the flash rom reformat about the same. I took the precaution of removing the CF and SD memory cards before starting this to prevent losing any data on them.

Remember that backup I mentioned? Well, I go to restore it and lo! Windows Mobile 5.0 DOESN"T SUPPORT THAT. Really. So they tell you to backup then upgrade, but you can't restore. Lovely. Fortunately it really only means re-installing a few apps since all the data is synchronized with the PC anyway. Still an anoyance, but not one I can lay at Dell since this is a Microsoft issue.

So dar, post upgrade and true to form for MS, it runs slower :) Not really much slower, but it does seem to have lost a little snap. The new version is better looking and I am OK with it for now.