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Monday, March 06, 2006 When Is an Abortion Not an Abortion? -- Page 1 When Is an Abortion Not an Abortion? -- Page 1

One wonders if this might not backfire in unexpected ways. An example:

When our son was born (15+ years ago) Lake county (where we lived at the time) was undergoing a shortage of obstetricians. Why? Because of some really bad cases that had come up forcing malpractice rates for the county to rise. Consequently, many doctors simply left. We went two counties over to find a doctor that ultimately delivered our son. Could not the same sort of thing happen here on a wider scale? Not likely you say? Perhaps, but at some point it very well might. It doesn't have to be EVERY doctor that refuses to practice there, just enough to cause problems. In South Dakota, that might be less than you think...