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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Shoestring Foundation Weblog

The Shoestring Foundation Weblog: "Do something random
If an exception is raised which is not caused by user input, look for a random function/method which can be called in the current context and call that.
In multithreaded programs, if one thread runs into an error, simply put this thread to sleep and hope nobody notices it.
Produce fake virus scanner alerts, telling the user to e.g. reboot imediately, thereby erasing the traces of the error.
Blame someone else
Inject errors in other running programs.
Example: A SEGFAULT handler looks for other programs from different vendors running on the same machine when the error occurs and forwards the signal to one of them. It then simply waits. The user might attribute the freezing of the program to the crash of the other."

Damn it!! They're on to me!!!

OK, I am guilty of the procrastination one at least once :)