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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sand in the Gears - Archives

Sand in the Gears - Archives: "When will public officials and opinion leaders have the courage to address a fundamental root cause of this crisis in inner cities, which is the abject failure of most males to behave like real men? When will we turn a harsh eye on the pathetic performance of so many urban churches in this regard, many of which favor preaching a Health and Wealth fantasy, rather than the plain truth that men who do not support their children are less than men, and accursed, and in dire need of a beating? "

Harsh words, but this IS a social problem and not a legal problem, or a failure of the government (no, not a political problem either*). No, none of those are perfect either, but WE (us, you me, the next guy, SOCIETY) need to accept responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We should not be dependent on 'big brother' to take care of us (wipe or noses too?)

(* granted, I see no political party that is willing to address this directly and challenge us to take that responsibility...after all, that wouldn't get many votes)