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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sony mulls dropping PS4 plans, bloke reckons

Sony mulls dropping PS4 plans, bloke reckons: "Most observers would say that if you are in competition with the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft the last think you try to do is cut back on R&D, unless you are planning to pull out of the market."

Or, perhaps, they really just don't need/want to focus on the Cell as a technology. So they farm that out as a 'been, there, done that' sort of thing and look for something completely different as the next engine. The Cell has yet to take the processor world by storm; rather the swarm of multi-core chips (and the promise of flexible core designs) is probably going to win the day.

It is possible they may back out of the market, but more likely that they just need to reconsider all options and not be fixated on any specific technology.