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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

US broadcasters oppose Internet broadband UHF spectrum

US broadcasters oppose Internet broadband UHF spectrum: "What really has broadcasters scared stiff is the prospect of affordable high-speed Internet reaching rural America, the flyover land of satellite dishes and, at present, dial-up only Internet access. Broadcasters see how low cost Internet access has contributed to the decline of US newspaper publishers, and they don't want to have to compete - for eyeballs and advertising dollars - with rural high speed Internet broadband delivery of news, weather, sports, entertainment and movies on demand."

This is yeat another case of not responding to a changing demand in a business. If your market changes, you must evolve your business model to accommodate (or go out of business). Trying to force the old model to continue is (ultimately) futile. This change will happen and they must then adopt new ways to deal with it.