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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

So, my other brother passed away.

Both of my parents and my youngest brother already had passed a long time back.

We are going up this weekend to my mother-in-law's funeral and I got a letter from the City of San Francisco. 

A little back ground. My brother and I were never really close and the few times I tried to include him in my life it was ... not joyful. I left home for the military at 18 and only occasionally went back and by the time I could make time for 'family' they were both adults and he had long since left home. He had always been troubled and in and out of legal troubles for 30+ years. I often thought he had just decided to be a lifetime inmate since as soon as he got out of prison he would invariably end right back in. I do not say this to excuse me not trying to have a closer relationship, just pointing it out. I did not have hard feelings toward him, but I had made it clear a long time back that as long as he was going to act the way he was that I did not want him in my life. The last time I had spoken to him he was wanting to be an uncle to our son who was at the time 3 or 4 years old and seemed honestly wanting to straighten up and do something with his life. My son is now 27.

The people I spoke to in San Francisco hinted that there were mental health issues... I don't find that surprising.

In the end he was apparently living on the street in San Francisco (at least it was Summer). He was admitted to the hospital early last month and did not make it.

My youngest brother had died from uncontrolled diabetes. He never medicated for it and ultimately that was fatal (and no, suggestions that he seek help were not appreciated). My mother had diabetes and because of that her failing circulation in her extremities was the ultimate cause of her passing as well. All that to say that I would not be surprised to find out that he also had similar health issues. The sad part is, I would not know.

I hope he is happy now. That is all I can hope for.